Financial imaging solution

In the process of digital transformation driven by fintech, the financial industry needs to be competent for fast iterative upgrading of Internet companies for driving business development based on data, so it needs to construct one-stop technical capacities, unified data management capacities and capacities for fast configuration and business development. The data and technical convergence brought by digital transformation has accelerated the demands for data middle-end construction. The SandStone solution for unstructured data middle-end can help financial customers integrate data and technical resources and build up a unified interface service platform.

Financial imaging solution
Customer Demands
System performance reduced due to massive small files
System performance reduced due to massive small files
In the banking and insurance business, the image data saved in the financial image system is dominated by KB-level small files. Due to stronger and stronger demands of the front-end business for mobile handling and regulation, files have been growing rapidly by tens of millions or even billions. The index data maintained by the storage device is becoming larger and larger, and the file reading and writing performance has declined seriously.
Management complicated due to rapid growth of capacity
Management complicated due to rapid growth of capacity
The storage of users’audio/video data and other large files has changed the design requirements of the storage devices in the early stage. With the continuous expansion of storage capacity, the increasing number of NAS volumes has also been challenging management. The demand of business for capacity is uncertain, the capacity of a single LUN is difficult to plan and the business system often needs to expand its storage capacity and change its operations, which makes management more difficult.
Difficult image data backup
Difficult image data backup
The ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system does not provide any disaster recovery mechanism. Data backup and disaster recovery mainly rely on database, NAS or SAN independently, so that data consistency can not be guaranteed. The traditional backup software is inefficient in the storage backup and recovery of massive files and the rapid increase of the data size often leads to the failure of backup in the backup cycle, the increase of backup interval and the huge hidden trouble of data security.
Expensive maintenance of ECM products
Expensive maintenance of ECM products
In the traditional image ECM system used in the financial system, some manufacturers have announced to stop their original services. Due to the complexity of the ECM system architecture, if there is no original service, complex problems (if any) can not be solved, and the business will be greatly endangered.
Solution Overview

In view of the demands of the financial industry for image storage, SandStone has launched an image-oriented solution. Based on the distributed object storage technology leading in the industry, the solution can integrate the general x86 server and its disk resources through SandStone software for massive object storage, able to be used as the underlying storage system of the financial image system to replace the ECM system perfectly.


Customer Value
  • Completely solve the problem of unstructured data storage

    Flexible distributed storage cluster, boasting such advantages as high scalability, high performance, high availability, simple operation and low cost, is the best solution to storage of massive unstructured data at present;
    Achieve linear expansion of the storage performance and capacity, eliminate system bottlenecks and enable a single namespace to manage hundreds of times more files than NAS storage.
  • Intelligent data management, automatic archive migration

    Data tiering storage, able to meet the needs of high performance and large capacity while ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership;
    Support multiple copies and erasure coding at the same time, consider the requirements for core system performance and cost-effective audio/video storage applications, and achieve cheap storage and management, 40% lower than NAS storage;
    The storage architecture can support the integration of third-party NAS devices, able to complete data access without business stop. The migration solution from ECM to object storage can ensure business continuity.
  • Continuous data protection to ensure business security

    The CDP function can recover the data to any time. Compared with the snapshot solution, RTO is shortened from hours to seconds. Against the demands of the city-wide data center for dual-mode operation, it can support disaster recovery of multi-active data centers and allow read and write at both ends;
    Multi-version file management, hot/cold data automatic migration, multiple copies / erasure coding can ensure long-term and reliable storage, with no need to back up mass data to other media, so that a lot of time could be saved;
    Leverage legacy equipment to ensure business continuity and avoid data relocation and business interruption caused by replacement of the underlying NAS equipment.
  • Content awareness and capacity for big data mining

    Support object metadata and data retrieval to meet the requirements of enterprises for content management;
    Business access and AI training platforms can share storage without copying data between storage and analysis;
    It can be integrated with the AI training platform Tensorflow, optimize the training efficiency, use the tag to quickly retrieve the same type of data and return to training as soon as possible.
Typical Use Cases
  • Insurance image business platform

    Insurance image business platform

    Insurance companies need to store and manage massive unstructured data, such as scanned copies of customer documents, photos and video for underwriting, preservation, verification and other businesses. This platform can also support online archiving of the audio data in the audio/video recording system at the same time, meet the demand of the supervisor to randomly read a large number of discontinuous recordings in any period and thus improve the efficiency in recording query and retrieval.
  • Banking image business platform

    Banking image business platform

    There are a large number of scanned documents of bills, certificates and contracts in the content management platform, post supervision image system, identity verification, counter, audit and other businesses of the bank, which need to be managed via the image business platform. In addition, the image files are huge enough in number and now have basically adopted storage-level rather than file-level backup, which can not avoid logical errors or recover any file accurately to a specific time stamp. However, if an image business platform is used, the problem of data backup can be avoided.