Intelligent storage for massive data
Intelligent storage for massive data
SandStone is committed to provide leading enterprise storage solutions for different business use
case, help customer easily cope with the storage challenges of cloud migration, and provide intelligent storage for business decisions in the era of big data.
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Financial middle-end solution for unstructured data
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Medical private cloud solution
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Intelligent video solution
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Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid: Smart Grid, Ambitious for High Intelligence
By virtue of its excellent linear scalability in data capacity and concurrency, we are very relieved to have completed repeated expansion on its platform and gradually transferred tens of server nodes and important business systems to the platform. Since the platform was released, it has been running stably, helping us to have realized “zero leakage of sensitive data, zero system accident and event-free network security”. SandStone can provide reliable services in a timely manner, so we are fairly satisfied with the SandStone USP.
——Chen Rui, technical expert from Information Center of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau
China Mobile OneNet created the cornerstone of interconnected storage
In spite of various difficulties in project implementation such as tight schedule and heavy tasks, your company still has completed the implementation and deployment of the distributed storage software in the project efficiently, managed the contact work with our business as quickly as possible and strongly supported the safe storage, backup and disaster recovery of our business data. In this regard, your support is highly appreciated. We hope that your company will continue to serve faithfully. We sincerely wish that we can cooperate to ensure system's steady operation for our end users.
——Intelligent Access Department of China Mobile OneNet
CGNPC: Rationally use the power of storage
Based on the SandStoneSANDSTONE distributed object storage system, our Group has established a unified high-performance platform for storage of massive electronic files, which can provide standardized electronic file access services for various front-end business systems including the documentation system, so that the electronic files originally scattered are well-conditioned for intensive management and thus the security and manageability has also been improved significantly.
——Huang Futong, architect from Information Technology Center of China General Nuclear Power Corporation
From NAS to distributed object storage, GF Securities advanced on the way of IT improvement
The centralized storage of data has greatly improved the security management level of our company's electronic documents (data), and greatly facilitated the retrieval and utilization of such documents. SandStoneSANDSTONE products strong in storage and retrieval of massive small files so far have helped us store nearly one billion files, boasting stable performance and simultaneously providing a good performance support for our management system.
——Liu Yonggang, director of GF Securities Archives Center
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