Intelligent video scenario solutionIntelligent video scenario solution
Intelligent video solution

The intelligent video solution is specially designed to meet the requirements for storage of the data from PB to EB-level video surveillance. The system can have its performance increase linearly with the increase of its capacity, able to maintain a smooth cost for capacity expansion, lower the cost for operation and maintenance management in the context of the continuous growth of the data volume, support the integration of the existing infrastructure and simultaneously provide an open interface to support unified management via the upper cloud platform.

Intelligent video solution
Customer Demands
Insufficient capacity for mass data storage and high-definition trend
Insufficient capacity for mass data storage and high-definition trend
The storage time for video and image has been changed from 30 days to 90 days and the SD cameras have been upgraded to HD ones, which has led to serious shortage of storage capacity and performance, unable to satisfy the PB-level, multi-label, multi-attribute and other storage requirements or provide unified management.
Lack of good data lifecycle solutions
Lack of good data lifecycle solutions
The traditional video surveillance platform can not write new data when deleting of videos, images and other data, unable to complete data lifecycle management, etc., and unable to provide higher level protection for important data.
Traditional surveillance storage can not satisfy the business development
Traditional surveillance storage can not satisfy the business development
Currently, most of the video surveillance platforms still use the traditional IP SAN mode for storage, unable to provide online expansion of capacity, enterprise level data security or sensitive storage systems flexible, simple and dynamic; moreover, the capacity expansion is rather expensive and the data security is not enough.
Unable to cope with the era of data multi-fusion and intelligent data
Unable to cope with the era of data multi-fusion and intelligent data
There is no good solution for big data analysis and AI computing, so data value cannot be thoroughly mined; traditional data pools target individual business systems to build independent storage platforms, with no unified storage system compatible with all kinds of files, blocks and objects.
Solution Overview

As a storage solution launched by SandStone for safe city, skynet project, rail transit and other industrial applications, the intelligent video solution can provide a unified interface for files, blocks and objects through distributed storage to meet the requirements of images, videos and other data for storage. In addition, the built-in metadata label management and open interface can enable the system to work seamlessly with big data analysis and AI application platforms.


Customer Value
  • Compatible with mainstream platforms and able to support massive HD video streams

    Compatible with mainstream video monitoring platforms, such as HIKVISION, DAHUA, Uniview and UTC;
    Able to support tens of thousands of HD cameras and more than 90 days’video recording, playback and downloading.
  • Support 10-billion-level image storage and fast target retrieval

    Provide 10-billion-level human/vehicle image storage and millisecond-level retrieval;
    Support distributed retrieval technology and be competent for intelligent retrieval of targets according to metadata labels.
  • Provide multi-level data access, aggregation and distribution at any time

    Support aggregation of video and image data for key cases automatically from district and county-level branches to municipal police station and even provincial departments, and distribute specific data from provincial and municipal police stations to district and county branches;
    Provide municipal police station and branches with realtime access and millisecond-level response to any video and image, without any impact on the video recording, downloading and other services of the video surveillance platform.
Typical Use Cases
  • Safe City

    Safe City

    The security and protection system of Safe City targets intelligence during development, so as to be compatible with new equipment by integrating the existing platforms, realize real-time transcoding, multi-terminal monitoring, content identification, intelligent analysis and other requirements by means of comprehensive scheduling based on the cloud architecture, and finally construct a multi-level and distributed platform for comprehensive video monitoring and management.
  • Skynet Project

    Skynet Project

    As a video monitoring system for real-time monitoring and information recording within fixed areas to meet the needs of urban public security maintenance, control and management, Skynet Project can provide reliable image data for urban comprehensive management, criminal investigation and criminal incident management and accidents. So far, the skynet project in each city has had its cameras reach one million and continue to increase in number, requiring high performance for concurrent read-write. The high performance and rich scalability of this solution can well satisfy the needs of such projects.
  • Public security maintenance and control project (Xueliang Project)

    Public security maintenance and control project (Xueliang Project)

    As a "public security maintenance and control project" focusing on the video surveillance online application in the field of public security, Xueliang Project can extend the public security maintenance measures to the masses by constructing comprehensive management centers at three levels. The service areas of Xueliang Project for video data storage are generally located at the township or county sites. This solution does not have high requirements for maintenance and management skills of the operation and maintenance personnel, so it is very suitable for such scenarios.
  • Rail transit

    Rail transit

    The cloud storage in the rail transit industry generally adopts private cloud, which requires convenient online deployment, able to support massive storage, achieve linear growth of the read-write performance with the increase of the storage capacity and provide a usable and convenient management system. This solution can satisfy the needs of customers in terms of scalability, capacity, performance, deployment, operation and maintenance, etc.