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    China Mobile OneNet created the cornerstone of interconnected storage

    Customer Demands

    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile, China Mobile IOT Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as CMIOT) focuses on the IOT (Internet of Things) industry to professionally operate the IOT private network, design and produce the IOT dedicated modules and chips, create the IOV (Internet of Vehicles), smart home, smart wear and other featured products, and develop and operate the IOT access management platform OneLink and the IOT open platform OneNet. As one of the four IOT access management platforms throughout the world, CMIOT owns 110,000 enterprise customers and more than 400 million IOT card users.

    According to the overall strategic layout of China Mobile, focusing on the strategic positioning of "the supporter of IOT business services, the provider of dedicated modules and chips, and the promoter of featured IOT products”, CMIOT has formed its business layout in five major directions and achieved an all-round IOT “cloud-managementpipe-terminal” architecture by professionally operating the IOT private network, designing and producing the IOT dedicated modules and chips, creating the IOV (Internet of Vehicles), smart home, smart wear and other featured products, developing and operating the IOT access management platform OneLink and the IOT open platform OneNet, and promoting its IOT solutions.

    In order to ensure the mass data security, achieve remote disaster recovery and backup of the business data in the current network and break through the limitations of traditional storage on all application systems, CMIOT requires that any storage product must be a storage management platform completely defined by software, can be deployed on a general x86 server, and can be applicable to a wide range of traditional applications, databases, virtualization platforms, private cloud resource pools and other architectures to meet the requirements of rich flexibility, easy expansion, sufficient reliability and high security.

    Customer Actions

    CMIOT has planned to deploy SandStone USP and build a distributed storage cluster for remote disaster recovery backup of the business data in the current network in such four stages as follows:

    In the first stage, CMIOT will deploy SandStone USP on more than 120 x86 servers in Chongqing and Nanjing data centers to build a 

    PB distributed storage cluster.

    In the second stage, CMIOT will connect the VMware virtualization platform to provide hybrid storage cluster services for the existing VMware virtualization platforms in Chongqing and Nanjing data centers.

    In the third stage, CMIOT will connect its database servers. Currently, CMIOT has 22 sets of Oracle RAC environments that need to be connected with distributed storage to provide a full flash cluster for the Oracle RAC environment.

    In the fourth stage, CMIOT will deploy a NBU backup storage cluster. Sandstone USP can provide an object storage interface compatible with the standard S3 protocol, able to provide a more cost-effective centralized backup solution for CMIOT based on NBU backup software with its powerful capacity of mass file processing and online scale-out.

    Customer Benefits

    Based on SandStone USP, CMIOT can easily build an EB and above large-scale storage resource pool to provide block and file access interfaces for upper applications at the same time and thus meet the requirements of the business system for storage of structured and unstructured data. Moreover, the pool can be expanded more flexibly and the performance and capacity can grow linearly with the increase of nodes.

    Sandstone USP can sense the priority automatic division of logical volumes and realize intelligent IO management; through patented technology, the data and metadata write-in performance can be improved significantly, so as to help CMIOT deal with the space debris caused by high-capacity and long-term random IO.

    With the help of SandStone USP intelligent operation and maintenance, hard disk SMART information can be detected on a regular basis. For traditional mechanical hard disks, it can detect real-time errors in the IO path, carry out targeted dynamic repair and improve the utilization rate of the CMIOT hard disks.

    The vertical optimization technology of SandStone USP and VMware virtualization platform can achieve HA, VMotion, DRS, VAAI storage hardware acceleration and other advanced technologies of virtual machines to provide a stable and reliable infrastructure platform for the CMIOT production business and simultaneously provide complete virtualization infrastructure support and vertical optimization for the virtualization environment of each platform. In the future, CMIOT will also build a one-stop cloud data center with the help of SandStone USP to realize easy management and intelligent monitoring in a multi-cloud environment.